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Gema Satria, or Satria, is currently a researcher working for The SMERU Research Institute in Jakarta. He is a cum laude graduate from Urban and Regional Planning ITB for both his bachelor’s and master’s degree. It is during his master’s study that he started his career as a researcher. He was a lab assistant for Development Management and Policy Planning Laboratory at SAPPK-Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Later he moved to Jakarta to join Directorate of Urban and Rural Affair of Bappenas/Ministry of National Development Planning. 10 months after, he joined SMERU.

His works have brought him to handle governance, decentralization, and rural development issues. Just recently, his passion on those areas has brought him as well to learn more about decentralization at the most extreme version which is Federalism in the United States through the generous sponsorship of YSEALI-Professional Fellowship Program by the U.S. Department of State. For almost 2 months, he worked with District of Columbia, Department of Housing and Community Development and hosted by American Council for Young Political Leaders (ACYPL). He also got the chance to network with some NGOs in Washington, D.C. area, top think-tanks such as The Brookings Institution and American Enterprise Institute, and also fellows from Harvard University, and New York University. Moreover, the program has provided him with a robust friendships especially with other participants from SE-Asia and hundreds other from every continent on the earth.

Aside from working in social development area, he is so passionate about photography. His first hands-on experience was in his junior high school times with an SLR Camera which is Nikon FM2, a very vintage analog camera he got from his father. In his senior high school at SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta, he was the president of Media Siswa. At that time, he didn’t really do photography but more to doing editing and graphic design as the organization’s biggest annual project was arranging year-book for the senior. But the latter had completely shaped his skills in photography very well. He is starting his new instagram account @satriamotret as an appreciation for himself and people who helped him along the way. But, if you need his service just contact him! Really, do not hesitate. He will be more than happy! 🙂

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  1. Salam kenal bang! Bagus nih blognya, at least sebagai manusia-manusia berarwah planner pemikiran kita banyak yang sejalan hehehe. Saya plano juga dari Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang. Keep writing and inspiring others!

      1. Bro ada japri ga ? Gw mau nanya2 soal perut buncit pasca operasi. Case gw sama nih, belah tengah lubang samping. Perut gw buncit kayak pake tas sabuk macam petugas spbu hahaha.. padahal uda 10 bulan. Please help 🙂 .. many thanks

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