NEW FINDING on the word “KEPO”!!! (Originated from Singlish word??)

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You know that some months or maybe years ago I’ve posted an entry about the Indonesian word : KEPO. You know that the most popular hit to my blog from the search engine (up to today) IS THAT POST!! So many people want to know what the word “Kepo”means.

Just a few minutes ago, I hovered around the web and found an article titled “10 Awesome Singlish Words & My Clumsy Attempt at Explaining them all”, here’s the link

AND I FOUND THE WORD “KAYPOH” which I’m sure that it sounds similar to the word KEPO.

some lines explaining the meaning of Kaypoh I copied from the article says below,

10. Kaypoh – To scold someone in order to discourage that behaviour

Singlish: Aiyo. Don’t stare la.  Don’t be so kaypoh.
English: Oh dear. Will you stop staring. It’s so obvious that you’re being nosy.

I am strongly sure that, KEPO is originated from this singlish word KAYPO. You can see that from the example it uses. When, yes, the actual meaning means to keep someone from being nosy on us.

by. the. way. I  feel like a winner finding this.

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