Making Passport via Online Application. Say no to Calo! Say no to Corruption!

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Just a situation in front of Bandung Immigration Office just bfore gate opening.-- No use of Instagram, the effect just to make it so-today. haha.

For the last two days, I happened to have myself busied with extending my passport validity period which is the same procedure as making the new one. Dealing with government’s bureaucrations, procedures, or administratives  is enough to leave you with an eerie impression since it’s almost everyone’s knowledge that it will spend your lifetime long. You have to set yourself (read: your sanity) through the queue that we don’t even know when we will be called to process our application and even arm yourself with fully charged iPod or any entertainment devices or even a mat in case you have to stay through the night in order to have your application proceed. Cast the curse to those Middlemen/Calo (indonesian term) who always get into our way. Sorry, too much exaggerating.


Instead of facing that kind of situation, the latter 2 days of mine has been so good so far. I spent only one and a half  hrs in two visits (the first visit took me 1hr, and the 2nd was a half). The procedure, a bit confusing but still okay, the immigration office was tidy but way too small for people that many. The queue that so systemized with a-woman-calling-your-queue-number-voice. It was good. But apparently, the luck was all mine (and some people who did the same way as me) because I’ve skipped some process through online application. For those who had not made it online, the situation is different, the queue was so long. Eerie! Just imagine when I got there, the online queue number (which was mine) was still C 001, which means the first person came that day (with online app), meanwhile for those who came there through manual application, the number had reached 50.

It means..

there are not so many people using this online way to make their passport. Why people, why? Ya, but thanks to you for giving the way faster to me. (Halo Gema mau lewat) heheh..

Then, I want to appreciate the innovation that the government has made so far in reducing Calo’s intervention here. And the shorter time it needed to go along with the legal procedure.

Anyway, although there’s this very-much-easy way to make your passport, I still had this view of some Calo offering their service and some people who decided to use it. Come on people. Stop cursing those dirty bureaucrats ‘corruptor’ when you yourself are getting urself fouled with such deed. It’s just the same with you cursing those immature representatives at DPR and becoming apathetic with it. There’s nothing changing with such attitude.

I mean, if it is not started from yourself and hoping for the world to change for you so you only will change yourself afterward, I tell you, it’s just a non-sense. I understand that some situation force us to be because of the prisonner’s dilemma (when you initiate to change for the better but the surroundings perceived the now-situation as the best eventho it’s worse than your initiative. eventually you find yourself stuck with it, and the situation remains status quo).

However, one thing that we could take it as a reflection in this case is, you gotta believe that the change is actually in your hands. There’s the way anyway, so why still messing up with the illegal ones?

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