Planolapan’s 2nd Birthday

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The Few, The Proud, The Planner!

Today, Dec 6th, 2011, is the second birthday of my batch in Planologi ITB. Two years ago, we were in a village namely Cililin, I dont know what’s the english term for this, but anyway, that time planolapan dilantik jadi anggota himpunan HMP.

I don’t exactly know why this date has become our birthday since I think it should be the date when ITB announced us to become Urban and Regional Planning students after our first year in ITB. Anyway, it’s been a consensus though. Whenever the date is, I don’t really care, since there’s no one in Planolapan who is NonHim (non-himpunan), and more importantly, it also will become a point of time every year in the future when we gather–when possible–to reminisce our happy days studying here as a family.

There are so many memories, happiness, tears..
Our loss of Arnold and Sondang moving to another uni
Our recent loss of alm. Ariyanni..

Our laugh when almost 70 of us occupied the seats in the cinema
Our madness ruining ITB Fair 2012’s roadshow last week

Happy 2nd Birthday Planolapan

Be eternal..



this afternoon, we’ll celebrate our birthday wearing the dresscode “Our Internship Attire”, so there will be dresses, suites, ties, ‘celana bahan’, pantofel shoes.. I’ll share the fun here later..

2 thoughts on “Planolapan’s 2nd Birthday

  1. kostum kape gue kan biasa aja masgeemmm. Eh lo pake celana bahan lo itu ya? hahhaha
    pasti seru entar. i’m looking forward for the moment we’ll meet after couples of years we separated. 🙂

    1. i’m looking forward for the moment we’ll meet after couples of years we separated. <<<??

      perasaan baru ga ketemu sehari di kampus yun -______-" abis kape lebay-level lo melonjak ya kaya harga saham..

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