Singapore, The City of iPhone 4 (brief review of my recent visit to sg)

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Singapore, a country in a size of a city, which I recently visit, doesn’t have a unique traditional culture to see. This is understandable given the history and location which is in the world shipping traffic so that people from everywhere come and assimilate. Everywhere we can find a lot of very modern buildings that are architecturally also very new. Somewhat difficult to find a building that is original from the days of old, except in areas of cultural preservation.

One thing to note, it seems the government has been working very hard through so many rules and premises, to create a life of its citizens who are very highly regulated so that the train had come always on time, or one can thus obey the traffic lights just to cross the street for example.

This city has become a city that is very, very modern and very urban. Particularly, the lifestyle. Everywhere, even small children all have at least one branded gadgets, especially the Apple. maybe if a train car containing 150 people, 120 of them use the iPhone 4, 20 people with blackberries or android, the rest are other brands. That’s crazy, right? I saw iPhone 4 everywhere! Even the MRT Staffs (the one  helping people if they had problem with the automated gate, he used iPhone 4!!! argh!), the lady in my AirAsia checkin counter in Changi use iPhone 4, and also a very old woman I met in MRT, who I’m sure that she was near to her death also used iPhone 4. What an envying situation that is.

They are also dress very well not like Malaysians who look like the people from 2000s. They do fashion. A lot of men wearing tote bag, which in my country looks feminine. They do haircuts (and haircut like me which is soooo common! hahaha). THEY ARE COOL! 😀

This city life is very fast and always moving. I literally mean it, especially for the so fast moving escalator like in Orchard MRT Station. I sometimes need a little jump just to ride the escalator. Everyone is also walking very fast. This town is not suitable for people who walk slowly. This city is also relatively expensive. Just imagine, one meal at the curb, at least I spend money for SGD4, or equal to US$ 3, 75 or Rp. 28.000. In my country, money  that much could be to eat twice. Price does not include drinking. The drinking itself could cost half of the meal’s price or about SGD1,5 to 2. It’s understandable considering it has an income per capita which is very high which also means that welfare is good also.

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